Dario Klein

Producer | DJ | Live Act

Life is a journey through the world of music. Dario plays many instruments from guitar to synthesizer and has a wide repertoire of musical styles to offer.

In his sound you can find the concept of boundless sounds, a wild mix of acoustic and electronic elements and a lot of passion. He has become an internationally known and booked live act, DJ, producer and Ableton Live teacher.

Recent releases on record labels:
BAR25 / trndmsk / Rebellion der Träumer / Magician on Duty / Heimlich / Ritter Butzke / Dantze / KataHaifisch / Baikal Nomads

© Stefan Braunbarth

Come dance with me

28 09 24 Haarlem NL
19 07 24 Artheater Köln
29 06 24 Reh Köln
22 06 24 Sisyphos Berlin
21 06 24 Birgit & Bier Berlin
15 06 24 Odonien Köln
08 06 24 Tumult im Fuchsbau
25 05 24 Ursprung Fi Köln

© Sebastian Preise
© Laurent Cohen

Latest releases

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Music production classes

Here’s an impression of my Ableton group courses at The Source in Marrakech, Morocco. At this beautiful place I’m frequently teaching on sound design, music production in Ableton Live, mixing & mastering, artistic development and playing guitar.

You can book me for one-on-one or group courses for your event or a private session!